Errol Flynn Quotations

You once liked the blissful mobility, but then you wonder, who's the real you? And who's the chap on the screen? You know, I catch myself acting out my life like a goddamn script.

They've great respect for the dead in Hollywood, but none for the living.

I do what I like.

I like my whiskey old and my women young.

I've had a hell of a lot of fun and I've enjoyed every minute of it.
-- last words.

I can't reconcile my gross habits with my net income.

I intend to live the first half of my life. I don't care about the rest.

The public has always expected me to be a playboy, and a decent chap never lets his public down.
It isn't what they say about you, it's what they whisper.

If I have any genius it is a genius for living.

I felt like an impostor, taking all that money for reciting ten or twelve lines of nonsense a day.

Women won't let me stay single, and I won't let myself stay married.

I allow myself to be understood as a colorful fragment in a drab world.

I've made six or seven good films - the others, not so good.

My job is to defy the normal.

Any man who has $10,000 left when he dies is a failure.

I had now made about 45 pictures, but what had I become? I knew all too well: a phallic symbol. All over the world I was, as a name and personality, equated with sex.

My father was never anti-anything in our house.

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