Ida Lupino Trivia

Arrived from England aboard the Berengaria at New York on August 25, 1933, age 19.

Daughter Bridget Duff by ex-husband Howard Duff.

Her daughter was born on April 23, 1952. She only weighed 4 pounds and almost died.

Widely respected as a pioneer for women filmmakers.

Not only is she the only woman to direct an episode of "The Twilight Zone" (1959) ("The Masks"), she is also the only person to star in an episode ("The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine") and direct one.

The second woman to be admitted to the Director's Guild. (The first was Dorothy Arzner (1897-1979))

As rigid and tough-minded as Bette Davis, Ida would often refuse to play a Davis hand-me-down role and was often suspended by Warner Bros. for doing so. It was during those breaks that she would go on movie sets, chum around with the male directors and learned the craft of directing.

Blazing new trails, she became the only notable and respected female filmmaker of her era in Hollywood.

Daughter of Connie Emerald (1892-1959) and British revue star and film comedian Stanley Lupino (1893-1942).

Cousin of actor Richard Lupino (1929-2005), Niece of actor Wallace Lupino (1898-1961); Niece of Lupino Lane (1892-1959).

She was occasionally dubbed by Clelia Bernacchi, most notably in Hollywood Canteen (1944).

Became a lifelong friend of Mala Powers (whom she directed in Outrage (1950/I)). When Ida died in 1995, Mala was the executor of her estate. 

Thoroughly detested the telephone. She thought it was an intrusive instrument.

Favorite dessert was a sponge cake soaked in sherry and covered with custard, whipped cream, nuts, raisins, and fruit.

Was told she was not beautiful and had a "funny little pan" by the tough, crude, astute boss, Harry Cohn, who ran Columbia Pictures.

Her "Aladdin Suite" was performed on radio by the prestigious Andre Kostelanetz Orchestra. Other compositions were broadcast by the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Honed her acting expertise, rehearsing scenes before a mirror.

Her waist measured twenty-one inches.

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