Susan Hayward

Susan Hayward

June 30th 1917 -- March 14th, 1975

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Susan Hayward Awards

The first time I saw Susan Hayward in a movie was her powerful performance as party girl and petty criminal Barbara Graham who may or may not have been wrongly executed in a California gas chamber in 1955.

It's a gritty performance to say the least.

Nominated four times previously, Hayward won the Academy Award for her portrayal of Graham in the 1958 movie I Want to Live! Susan Hayward excelled at playing "boozy" characters.

So often I see actresses acting drunk on the screen, but their performances seem fake, even cringe-worthy. Check her out in I'll Cry Tomorrow where she portrayed alcoholic singer Lillian Roth or Smash Up: The Story of a Woman when she plays a nightclub singer battling the bottle.

You'll see what I mean.

She was one fine actress.

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